HOT NEWS from our Maltese dojos


International Seminar in Malta May 24 [Soon more info to come]




March 24. Seminar in Olomouc – Czech rep led by Kyoshi Camilleri  & Renshi Buhagiar.

New Dojo Opens its Door in San Gwann By Shidoin Camilleri

Come- A new training season opens at Gzira Dojo


Shidoin Camilleri Passed his 4th Dan in Aikijujutsu.


Soto Deshi Course For Sensei Stivanello of Italy

Sensei Davide passed his shodan in Iaido 


Shoden Kyohan Menkyo Jo Presentation to Sensei Cachia By – Kyoshi Camilleri


Stage D’ete in North of France.

Gradings In Jukenpo and Jodo for the Malta team

Menkyo Jo Shoden Kyohan for Renshi Buhagiar.


Private Iaido Training with Kyoshi Arnaud 7th Dan Iaido.

Public Demonstration

Kyoshi Camilleri was given the school name of Minamoto no Kamiyuri, while Renshi Buhagiar passed his 2nd Dan Iaido.

Kyoshi Camilleri, Renshi Buhagiar, and Shidoin Camilleri took part in the 3rd Tai Kai.

3rd European Tai Kai in North of France.

On April 28th, 29th April 2023 special training & 30th April 1st May 2023 Seminar with Kyoshi Martin Camilleri 7th dan.

1st Dan, 2nd Dan and 3rd Dan Grading in Aikijujutsu.
Participants from Italy, France, Czech rep, and Malta.

Sensei Kevin Buhagiar has passed his Grading for the 5th Dan in Aikijujutsu.


Seminar done by Shihan Martin Camilleri 7th dan, well done to all the students. 



On the 25th September 2022 two of our students Lauren Jozsa & Rafel Gatt (kids section) had past their first test in Aiki Jujutsu.


It is with great pleasure and honour to announce that our Sensei Shihan Martin Camilleri has promoted  7thDan in Aiki jiu-jitsu & passed the test for the 4thdan In Iaido and Andre Cachia passed the test for the 3rd dan in Iaido. 


Our previous seminars abroad: